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Monday, 15 April 2013

5 Ways To Integrate Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketig

Despite what you may have heard, traditional marketing isn’t dead: according to a recent US survey, over 75% of people prefer traditional media marketing over online methods. People still watch a lot of television, and are far more receptive to watching an ad on TV than online (Just watch someone’s frustration the next time they have to sit through a 15-second Youtube ad.) Clearly, the best strategy is a holistic one, incorporating both traditional and new media marketing. Here are a few ways to create a seamless marketing campaign that takes advantage of the best both worlds have to offer.

=> Use social media to maximize traditional impact like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc.

=> Publicize your online presence through traditional networks Like Magazines and Newspapers.

=> Plaster QR Codes Everywhere Such as on Bill Boards, Advert Walls, Fashola Buses ( LOL), if you live in Lagos you should know about this.... here is a pics of one....
=> Use online indicators to gauge the effectiveness of traditional campaigns such as Google Analytics.
=> Involve your online audience in trade shows Like End of the Year Trade Fairs and so on to showcase yourself and you products to your audience.
Do you have any other idea on how to integrate traditional and digital marketing. You can share yu ideas through the comment box......

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