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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

How to Backup/Restore Blogger Blog Template

If you are going to make changes in your blogger blog template or going to include some extra HTML, CSS or JavaScript code to add more functionality to your blog? Then you have to wait for a minute and check out this post. If you don’t want any template crash during customization, you should definitely make a backup of your template in your PC. By storing a backup file, you can revert to original template if there is any mess up with your blog template during changes with the code. It will also prevent you from losing all your hard work and precious time which you denote to design your blogger template. If, by mistake, you did something wrong with your template during make changes, then you will be able to go back in the previous stage easily. Now you are clear with the importance of keeping a backup file. So, let see how to backup and restore template in blogger new interface.

Note: Always make a habit of taking a up-to-date backup your blog template if you are planning to do editing in it and always save your blogger template on NOTEPAD

How to Backup Blogger Template

  1. Open your blogger dashboard.                                                                                                
  2. Point to your blog menu and select template.
    blog template 
  3. Press Backup/Restore button located at the top right corner.
    backup restore button
  4. Click on “Download full template” button.
    download template
  5. You are done!
Now you have successfully stored a fresh backup of your blog template in your PC. Keep it in a safe place where you keep remembered it. So that, when required you could restore it without any headache. Now, let see how to restore a template.

How to Restore Blogger Template

Restoring a blogger template is also a very quick and easy job. Let see how to do it.
  1. Repeat step #1 to #3 that you did while taking back up your template.
  2. Click on Choose File button.
  3. Select your backup file from the location where you have kept it.(Preferably Notepad)
    Tip: It will be an .XML file

    upload template
  4. Now simply press the Upload button and you are done.
Wish you Success in your Blogging!

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