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Saturday, 27 September 2014

VConnect Deals For 2014 Sallah Celebration

I was listening to Radio Nigeria News yesterday were the Journalist asked him how, he was going to celebrate Sallah? His answer was that "there is no hope on celebrating sallah because the situation on Nigeria is too hard to even think of celebration when a man has family members to take care of".

He said, "anyway I am going to try my best to do what I can to kip my family members happy by making sure we celebrate it"

The Journalist also interviewed many Muslim folks who confessed that they had nothing to celebrate with.

But as I was going through my mail box today i discovered an amazing deal from VConnect Nigeria on how you could celebrate your Sallah without robbing the bank or going to steal from a neighbour

Barka De Sallah 
Deals | Grab it! 
Now you could by a RAM @ #5,000 through VConnect Deals. log on to VConnect Today and search for great sallah deals and enjoy this Sallah celebration to the fullest.

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