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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Paypal Is Now Open For Nigerians But With Restrictions

It's no more news that PayPal has finally been launched in Nigeria since the 18th June, 2014 midnight as earlier as at some minutes past 12p.m but I intentionally planned not to tell you yet until I'm fully equipped
with guiding you on opening yours without stress.


To register for your own account,you do not need any VPN IP because you can open it on Nigeria IP.Knowing that, just type into your browser using your real name and address especially as it is on your ATM because it is the card which must either be mastercard or visa card from banks like GTBank, UBA and other banks in Nigeria that you will use to verify your PayPal account.

Note that name and address on your card/bank account must rhyme with the name & address you will submit while registering for your own PayPal account.

Make sure you confirm your e-mail and as well take note of your security questions and answers submitted because it will be of utmost use in future.

That is that for today while I get back to you on how to verify your

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