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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

How To Hide Last Seen on Whatsapp Chat

Recently I was looking for a way to hide myself whenever I am online on Whatsapp, so as not to be disturbed by unwanted parties, that I do not want to block from my friends. So I searched online for a way to hide my ass. So I stumbled on a post which gave me direction on how to do that.

But I had to get a step by step screenshot as I was doing it myself. So if you may want to hide yourself from unwanted friends on whatsapp, by removing the last seen, then follow the steps below to do that.

How To Remove Last Seen on Whatsapp

=> Firstly click on your MENU BUTTON

=> Then go to SETTINGS ( As shown in the screenshot below)

 => From Settings, click on ACCOUNT

=> From the Account Menu, click on PRIVACY

=> In the Privacy Section, you should see the following Sub-Menu in the screenshot below

 => Then click on LAST SEEN

=> On the LAST SEEN section you should now see the following "Everybody, My Contacts & Nobody".

=> Click on NOBODY, if you do not want anyone to see when you last entered your whatsapp account

=> You can also choose "Everyone", if want anyone to see when you last entered you whatsapp account.

=> Lastly. you can also choose "My Contacts", if you want only those whom you have their numbers saved in you Phone or Sim memory to see you.

That's all...

Happy Chatting!!!

Please feel free to share post with friends and families. To help keep their privacy.

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