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Monday, 18 August 2014

How I Got my GTBank Activation Code After Many Hassle

 Last time I shared a post on how I was pissed with GTbank for not activating my token device on time. Today, I want to share with you what how I got my Gtbank Mastercard Secure code without stress, at the corner of my room. Before you can pay on websites of participating internet merchants that display the MasterCard Secure Code Verified by Visa symbols this card for online transaction, you will need to activate the card for internet banking and Secure code first.

Now, the question  is How do I activate my card to start using it for online payments and purchases? The answer is provided after this cut

GTBank Mastercard Secure is a new service from Guaranty Trust Bank plc that protects your GTBank cards (MasterCard & Visa) from unauthorized use, whilst ensuring your online transactions and payments are protected & secure.This service is brought to you in partnership with MasterCard SecureCode and Visa Verified by Visa.

All you need is to get GTBank Hardware token and.GTBank Internet Banking log-in details.


STEP A. After getting your Token and Internet Banking details, go to the GTBank website - - to activate your ATM card for online payment. Click on "Login" under "Internet Banking" and then enter your Internet Banking account user details [User ID (Username) and Password] which should have been sent to your email address. Enter the login details and once inside your account, click on "Get Activation Code" button.

STEP B. On the next page, follow the instructions provided and fill the form on the page. Select your card type (MasterCard) and enter the expiry date (which you will find on your ATM card) and then press the little button on your Token. It should display some digits, type in those digits, enter your security pin and click on the "Submit" button.

STEP C Finally, your code will be generated for you, which means that your ATM card has been activated. Keep this online activation code away from anybody except yourself, you shouldn't compromise it.


Paying for services/products online might sometimes involve GTBank CardSecure code.The GTBank CardSecure code you assign to yourself will then be used to confirm or complete online purchases whilst shopping online at participating online merchants.
You need to register your card for GTBank CardSecure, click here NOW


The Card Number is part of my Naira Master Card Number.

Follow the instruction on the page, enter all you are asked. tips are there to guide you.

That's all.

You can now pay online using your GTBank Naira Mastercard anywhere, anytime.
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