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Sunday, 11 September 2016

How To Use Your Android Device To Browse On Your Laptop As Modem With PdaNet

I had little issues connecting my Android device with my laptop some time ago. My Android device (TECNO W4) to be precise could see my HP laptop, but my laptop couldn't see my Android device. So I quickly figured out that I had the PdaNet file on my laptop.

For most phones install PdaNet+(which contains FoxFi) straight from Play Store.
If you have Sprint, Boost Mobile or AT&T the above listing will probably fail to show or install in Play Store. That is because your carrier has delisted all tethering software in order to force you to pay for a tether plan. In such case try to download and install the apk file directly from here.

You can also install the desktop installer on Windows from The desktop installer will push the app to your phone during installation.

You need to install PdaNet on the computer end for USB mode. If your computer is online please download from

Otherwise you can also download the installer with your phone:

1.Tap to download installer for Windows or Mac OS. This file will be saved to the phone's storage.

2.Connect your phone to the computer. You should see a USB options Notification on Android.

3.Mount your phone as a USB drive or Media device in USB options.

4.On computer run the PdaNet installer under "download" from the USB drive.
Tap here if you only need the phone part.


1. After installing the PdaNet file from GooglePlay,  open the file.

2. Conner your phone with the USB to your laptop computer

3. Also locate the PdaNet file on your computer after you must have run or installed it.  You can click on the Windows Start button,  then click on the search box to type "PdaNet". It will definitely show up.

4. While your USB is connected to your computer, thick the "Activate USB Mode" in PdaNet on your Android device (See Pics Below)

5. After activating USB mode on your Android device, go to your system icon to locate the PdaNet image as show below.

6. Right click the image. A pop-up should come by the side of the image.

7. Click on "Connect To Internet (USB). It should show "Connected".

Note: There is no need to put on your Wi-Fi Hotspot. Once your system is connected,  it will show the network sign and you can start browsing immediately.

Also note that you must put on you USB debugging on your Android device, to enable PdaNet to connect.

How To Enable USB Debugging On Your Android Phone

1. Go to settings

2. Locate the "Developer Option". If your device does not have developer option. Go to "About phone", then click on the "Built Number" for about 8 times till it shows you something like this, "Congrats You Are Now A Developer". Go back,  you should now find the "Developer Option"

3. Scroll down to locate USB Debugging,  put it on.

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